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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Garden Visit to Sir Harold Hillier Gardens Nr Romsey

September saw a visit to Sir Harold Hillier Gardens near Romsey in Hampshire.

The gardens are named in memory of their founder, the late Sir Harold Hillier (1905-1985), a member of the nursery family. In June 1953, the Hillier family took up residence in Jermyn's House, and Sir Harold set about transforming the land around his home into the internationally renowned collection of hardy trees and shrubs we have today.

Members enjoyed the gardens on a day when the weather was at first over cast but brightened with the sunny intervals later in the day.

Over 200 sculptures were displayed within the Gardens in various shapes and sizes.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Autumn Show Results

The sight that greeted visitors to the New Hall on Saturday

The Garden Club Autumn Flower Show on Saturday at The New Hall beat the recent bad weather. A record number of entries from 48 exhibitors meant the hall was bursting with flowers and foliage. A wealth of visitors and members enjoyed the colourful array of entries in all sections, despite the storms of the last week. The judges commented on the high standard of the exhibits.

The results were as follows:

Jean Webb with her arrangement 'Emerald Celebrations'

Maureen Coldham with her arrangement 'Harvest Home'

In the Decorative Section the principal prizewinners were Jean Webb, Maggie Roberts, Ros Nichols, Tim Nichols and Maureen Coldham. Jean Webb won the Award of Merit for her ‘Emerald Celebrations’ exhibit depicting 55 years of the garden club. Maureen Coldham won the special award for the novice class ‘Harvest Home’.

The winners in the Childrens’ Sections were Hugo Crawford and Toby Crawford.

Monica Seatherton Award of Merit vase

In the Cut Flowers Section the principal prizewinners were Sue Gollop, Alby Berry, Ann Crawford, Jean Bennett, Mary Smith, Peter Billing and Diane Hollis, with Peter Billing winning the Award of Merit for a vase of mixed hardy perennials.

Peter Billing with his Merit winning vase

In the Shrubs and Trees Section the principal prizewinners were Monica Seatherton, Peter Billing, Angela Moore and Mary Smith with Monica Seatherton winning the Award of Merit for a vase of mixed flowering shrubs.

Peter Billing with his Heuchera

In the Pot Plant Section the principal prize-winners were Norah Mears, Peter Billing, Margaret Grose, Ann Crawford, Sue Gollop, Mary Coles, Jean Bennett, Jean Webb and Angela Moore with Peter Billing winning the Award of Merit for an unusual coloured heuchera.

Rachael Hart with her winning fuchsia

The Members Competition for a Fuchsia called Paula Jane, provided by the Club, was won by first time exhibitor Rachael Hart who won the Sue Gollop Trophy.

John Mears with his merit winning photograph

In the Photography Section the principal prizewinners were Angela Moore, John Mears and Norah Mears with John Mears, winning the Award of Merit with her photo of ‘A Window’.

Jean Webb's winning Jubilee collection

Finally, the Jubilee Class was won by Jean Webb with 27 points for a collection including a flower arrangement, a vase of mixed variegated shrubs and a photograph. Joint second was Peter Billing and Diane Hollis both with 24 points.

Helpers Sue Sharpin and Doreen Long with a scrummy collection of cakes

The Committee would like to thank the judges, Eddie & Pat Sherwood from Crediton for their time and hard work and all the helpers and exhibitors – new and old - for a top quality show.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

September talk

The first talk of the autumn programme was opened by Chairman, Tim Nichols, welcoming over 70 members to the talk by local lady, Cathie Welchman, entitled "Caring & Healing with Orchids". With the aid of digital technology she showed photographs to illustrate how to care and grow orchids. She discussed the history of their discovery and how they grow in their native countries.

She went onto explain how the use of essences for healing and caring purposes was made and she passed examples of some essences around the audience for them to try. She explained what the colours and shapes of the plants meant and how plants help rid your aura of electro-magnetic pollution caused by cordless and mobile phones, computers and microwaves.

After the slide show she talked on the practical aspects of growing orchids and explained the feeding and watering cycle.