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Sunday, 27 July 2008

Fabulous Day at Mid Devon Show

The effort put in by members was fabulous and the resulting exhibit was admired by the crowds of the people visiting the Flower and Garden Marquee.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Mid Devon Show Prep Day

Set up day at Mid Devon Show - the team arrives with car loads of flowers, mechanics, foliage and plant pots. Through the course of the day the exhibit unfolds:
The Marquee at the beginning of the day
Sammy The Scarerow arrived - named by Rachel & James the creators

Mary & John put up the notice boards
Tim creates at Buddlia pedestal arrangement
Janet arranges her milk churn arrangement
Everyone's busy
Mary creates her herb wheel
Things are shaping up
Tim starts the flower wheel
By lunch time things are looking good
The cider flagens and the lettuce are put in place
The wheel was finished off by Ros & Emma

The completed herb wheel

The completed churn along with milk bottles
Sammy The Scarecrow looks on
Jennie's chickens are placed on the bales
John's old gate is placed with Peter's Dahlia plant and Janet's sweet pea arrangements
Mary's sunflowers brighten up Sammy's day!
Buddlia arrangment in situ
Peter's potatoes placed in John's wheelbarrow

The final exhibit

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Garden Visit to Abbotsbury Sub Tropical Garden

The July garden visit was to Abbotsbury Sub Tropical Gardens in Dorset. Set in a sheltered valley along side the Jurassic Coast, the garden was full of colour.

The most vivid blue Hydrangenas


The top pond was full of Koi carp and a duck with her ducklings.

The coach included several new members which was nice for the committee to see.